We always try to work with local and organic products. 


We are extremely fortunate to be in Oregon and to be able to work with Greenwillow Grains. They have high quality organic grains and flour.



They are located in Brownsville, Oregon. Brownsville is a small and lovely town located in the southern Willamette Valley of western Oregon.


On my first visit the landscape reminded me our wheat fields of Castilla in Spain.


Stephanie and her husband Mike are professional and friendly, so it’s always pleasant to work with them. They are environmentally minded and being aware of the importance of a good quality diet for long-term health.   


SONY DSC                    Stephanie, Mike and Willow in the mill



We use some of the best milk in Oregon. From Lady-Lane Farm in Mulino, Oregon.

Lady-Lane Farm is a small, traditional, sustainable dairy that prides itself on its efforts to be environmentally friendly, with the highest regard to the well being of our livestock.”    




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